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DRAKA Instrument Cables CU/XLPE/OSCR/LSHF/SWA/LSHF, 500V to BS EN 50288-7, IEC332-3-22

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DRAKA Instrument Cables CU/XLPE/OSCR/LSHF/SWA/LSHF, 500V to BS EN 50288-7, IEC332-3-22  Onshore Power & Instrumentation Cables

Draka Instrumetation Cables
CU/XLPE/OSCR/LSHF/SWA/LSHF, 500V to BS EN 50288-7, IEC332-3-22 


Instrumentation cables are used in data processing and process control. The electrostatic screen protect the screened pairs against outer electrostatic interference fields. Low level of line attenuations and low mutual capacitances enable long transmission distances fast pulse acceleration. Instrumentation cables with steel wire armoured are suitable for fixed installations in damp locations, in open spaces and for underground laying.

Cable Structure & Features

Conductor (Cu) Plain annealed stranded copper conductor Class 2, IEC 60228, BS6360
Insulation  (XLPE) Cross-linked Polyethylene
Pairing / Twining Two/Three/Four insulated cores are cabled together and covered with a polyester tape wrapping
Assembly Multiple pairs/triads/quads are cabled together, supplied with non-hygroscopic filler (optional) to obtain a circular construction and covered with a polyester tape wrapping
Overall Screen (OSCR), Min. 20% overlap of aluminium backed polyester tape in contact with 0.5mm² (16/0.20mm) tinned annealed drain wire followed by a polyester tape wrapped over the screening tape
Bedding (LSHF) Low Smoke Halogen Free -Black
Armouring (SWA) Galvanized Steel Wire Armour
Outer Sheath (LSHF-AT-AR) Low smoke zero halogen compound with anti-termite and anti-rodent additives. Black (Optional: Blue colour for Intrinsically  Safe)
Insulation color 1 pair in Black & White
2 pair & above -each pair in Black & White core with numbering.
1 triad in Black, White & Red
2 triad & a bove –each triad in Black, White & Red printed with   numbering.

Technical Data

Reference Standard BS EN 50288-7
Voltage 500V
Max Operating Temperature +90ºC
Halogen Free IEC 60754
Low Smoke Emission IEC 61034
Flame Retardant IEC 60332-3-22
Max. Conductor Resistance ≤7.6Ω/km at  20°C(2.5mm²)
≤12.3Ω/km at  20°C(1.5 mm²)
≤18.4Ω/km at  20°C(1.0 mm²)
≤26.5Ω/km at  20°C(0.7 5mm²)
Max. Mutual Capacitance(at 1 KHz) ≤ 85pF/min    (1.5-2.5 mm²)
≤ 75pF/min    (0.5-1.0 mm²)
Max. L  /R Ratio ≤ 40pF/min (1.5-2.5 mm²)
≤ 25pF/min (0.75-1.0 mm²)
Test Voltag 2000Vac for 1 minute
Bending Radius 10 x overall diameter

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